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Termos e Condições

Thank you for accessing our Real Estate website.
Please find below our terms and conditions for the use of the website.
• Website goals
The website of Invista - Sociedade de Mediação Imobiliária, Lda.,, aims to provide information regarding products and services provided by Invista.
• Target Audience
This page is intended for the general public.
• Scope
These conditions are valid for all and any use of this site, made available by Invista and developed by Centralimo. When you use our web page, you agree that the use is governed according to the conditions which follow the descriptions. Invista reserves the right to change the conditions at any time and to terminate all or part of the site.
• Intellectual property rights
All content on this site (texts, images, videos, brands and logos) is the intellectual property of Invista. Copying, reproducing, modifying or disseminating your content, including extracting text, images or videos for other uses, may not be performed without the prior written permission of Invista. Notwithstanding Invista's constant efforts to ensure the accuracy of the contents and services, the information provided is of a general nature and may not be complete or updated. Invista allows free access, free of charge, to the site, in order to provide general information and information about the company, the work it carries out, the services it provides and the properties and projects that it has in its portfolio for commercialization.
• Protection of personal data
In the treatment of the personal data to which Invista has access when using the web page, Invista scrupulously complies with the law of protection of personal data. Through our website we do not collect any personal data (such as name, address, telephone number or e-mail address), if you do not communicate them to us (for example through the various forms available), and grant authorization, if not permitted by the laws and regulations governing the protection of personal data. When we are assigned, we generally use them to answer questions or provide access to specific information or newsletters. As a user, at any time, you can request by e-mail (, the exclusion of the registry, or the correction of the registered data. If you cancel your registration, Invista will delete all user data.
• Cookies
This site contains cookies. A cookie is a small file that is stored on your computer and contains the information that makes it possible to follow the navigation on our website.
• Links to third-party websites
The Invista website may contain links to third party web pages. Invista is not responsible for the content of linked pages. The risks arising from the use of these pages are at the user's own risk.
• Publicity
The Invista website has no advertising.